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PRESS RELEASE: Crystal Chocolatier Announces its Expansion in GCC

Crystal Chocolatier Chocolate Factory Expansion in GCC

Recently expanded the factory, Crystal Chocolatier is broadening their services in all GCC countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar…

Crystal Chocolatier recently expanded its chocolate factory to a 3-story factory and updated to the latest technologies and high-end machinery. Due to this change, the capacity of producing 1 ton of chocolate every day allowed them to meet their goal in infiltrating a bigger and wider market.

Commercial Chocolate vs. Homemade Chocolate

chocolate factory Crystal Chocolatier

Chocolate is said to have amazing and unique taste sensation and aromas. It is produced by natural and fresh ingredients and a lot of expertise to deliver its delightful flavor.

In the Middle East, there are 2 types of chocolate factories: the ones that produce commercial chocolates, and the others that produce the homemade chocolate. You must be asking about the differences, well here they are:

1-      Natural vs. artificial ingredients

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