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  • Belgium is now considered to be the best chocolate maker in the world, and is known as the capital of chocolate after inventing the praline in 1912. How Belgian factories produce their chocolate is, apparently, different from the way chocolate factories in the Middle East, for example, do it. So what is the story behind that?

    A quick flashback to the history of chocolate

  • Crystal Chocolatier, the Lebanese chocolate factory and shop, has extended its commerce to Qabrshmoun, Aley – Lebanon, by selling a franchise of its retail shop. The official opening of this franchise will take place in mid June 2014.

  • Every big religious holiday is known for a specific meal or dessert. Christmas is famous for its turkey and cake. Ramadan for its sweets. Easter for the chocolate eggs, bunnies and other chocolate decorations. Yes, as you can see, it all revolves around sweets, and especially chocolate. Around the world, chocolate at Easter has become a massive money making industry placing it the second highest top selling candy holiday in 2011 at $1.9 billion. But what is the relation between Easter and chocolate? And how Easter holiday serves chocolate shops in the Middle East?

  • Hygiene is a very important aspect to maintain in a chocolate factory in the Middle East. The reason goes beyond getting certified and building a good reputation. It is a matter of protecting people’s health through a clean, hygienic environment. Here are some ways to maintain a good hygiene in your chocolate factory:

  • If you are a chocolate lover, then you would not want the coming years to arrive. Why? Well, we don’t know if you can handle the truth but here it is: The world expects a bad future for chocolate due to a worldwide shortage of cocoa within the coming 6 to 7 years. In other terms, chocolate factories might not be able to provide you with chocolate the same way as before.

  • A chocolate seller's most important concern is to increase his products' shelf life. Many shops still miss some small details related to storage. In this article, we will highlight few tips to maximize your chocolate’s shelf life up to 12 months.

  • We all love chocolate, but have you ever wonder how does the production goes?
    Here's a quick preview on how chocolate is made; from chocolate paste production to the chocolate decoration.

  • Planning to start your own chocolate shop and looking for some tips? Here are 4 steps that will give you a clear vision on how to proceed:

    - Define your target, location and name
    - Determine what will you be selling
    - Decorate your shop
    - Acquire customer loyalty

  • Want to become a chocolate connoisseur? It suffices you to use your 5 senses: Sight, touch, taste, sound and smell. Discover how you can know premium quality chocolate.

  • Crystal Chocolatier, a growing chocolate factory in the Middle East, is sharing with you some numbers and statistics.

  • Is chocolate good or bad for the health? What is it made of? How does dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate differ? The answers to these common questions are found is this article: “What are the differences between dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate? Read it to know more about what you are really eating.

  • We have all been hearing a lot of stories about chocolate, most of them are that chocolate is bad for the health. Some say that chocolate causes gain weight, others say that it is high in caffeine and many more. Are all these sayings about chocolate facts or myths? In this article, we will share with you 6 myths and the actual facts.

  • Recently expanded the factory, Crystal Chocolatier is broadening their services in all GCC countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar…

    Crystal Chocolatier recently expanded its chocolate factory to a 3-story factory and updated to the latest technologies and high-end machinery. Due to this change, the capacity of producing 1 ton of chocolate every day allowed them to meet their goal in infiltrating a bigger and wider market.

  • Chocolate is said to have amazing and unique taste sensation and aromas. It is produced by natural and fresh ingredients and a lot of expertise to deliver its delightful flavor.

    In the Middle East, there are 2 types of chocolate factories: the ones that produce commercial chocolates, and the others that produce the homemade chocolate. You must be asking about the differences, well here they are:

    1-      Natural vs. artificial ingredients

  • Crystal Chocolatier is now using a new way of wrapping their chocolate decoration for wedding, and newborn celebrations.

    Crystal Chocolatier welcomes to their factory the cellophane wrapped chocolate. Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet that protects from air, water, bacteria, greases, and is very useful for chocolate packaging. Known for their love for the art of chocolate, Crystal Chocolatier is now using this new way of folding their unwrapped chocolate to develop more creativity in producing chocolate in different shapes and forms due to the transparency of the cellophane wrap.