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PRESS RELEASE: Crystal Chocolatier: Changes in the Chocolate Decorations

Chocolate decoration for wedding and newbornCrystal Chocolatier is now using a new way of wrapping their chocolate decoration for wedding, and newborn celebrations.

Crystal Chocolatier welcomes to their factory the cellophane wrapped chocolate. Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet that protects from air, water, bacteria, greases, and is very useful for chocolate packaging. Known for their love for the art of chocolate, Crystal Chocolatier is now using this new way of folding their unwrapped chocolate to develop more creativity in producing chocolate in different shapes and forms due to the transparency of the cellophane wrap.

Instead of using colored wraps and accessories for chocolate decoration, now, Crystal Chocolatier is giving a form to their chocolate according to each occasion. With the use of nuts, marzipan, and smarties, the chocolate artisans, are crafting artistic drawings in their chocolate decoration for newborn and wedding. Different themes and colors are adopted to suit all occasions and to provide a unique touch for chocolate arrangements for season’s gift.  

For example, crafting a heart as a wedding chocolate decoration or having a teddy bear chocolate shape with pink marzipan as chocolate decoration for baby girl is becoming more demanded by customers rather than simple colored wrappings.

This new method also helped the chocolate factory reduce wasted material because now the complete chocolate decoration is in the form itself and not with added accessories that won’t be consumed. For example, a teddy bear chocolate with blue marzipan for baby boy chocolate decoration is only covered with a cellophane sheet, and all the rest is edible.