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Crystal Chocolatier Production

Milk and dark chocolate selection Crystal Chocolatier

Our chocolate factory produces homemade chocolate with real cocoa. We do not use cocoa butter substitute used in commercial chocolate production to elevate its melting point that makes it lose its natural attribute.

All the ingredients used in our chocolate production are the natural ingredients and are of the highest quality. No artificial preservatives are added in the chocolate production, which makes our products the best chocolate.

Our products are made from the best natural ingredients that will keep our chocolate fresh because the quality of chocolate and the flavors are our key of success.

We use high-end machinery and our chocolate production process meet with the ISO certification standards; therefore, we maintain a high level of hygiene in our chocolate factory to preserve your health and our community.

Our products have always been distinguished for their unique experience of complex chocolate flavors. We mix and match our palette of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate with natural filling of coconut, pistachio, and almonds to create the sweetest chocolate tastes.

Finally, we offer you the possibility to tailor our chocolates according to your preferences.